Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well I wanted to have a good week last week with exercising and staying within my points. I did great until the weekend! Boy did I blow it eating wise. Holiday weekends are hard. Heck summer is hard. I did walk a bunch last week. In fact on Saturday I was so weary- legs were tired. I took the day off. I try and listen to my body. I just wish I knew why I am so hungry lately. It must have to do with my hormones. I'm in headache mode. About 1 PM the head hurts and Imatrex isn't making a dent on it. That scares me for when school starts. I'll deal with it...not fun, but I get through.

The big news for me is on Monday hubby and I got up and sent Parker off with a friend on a sailing expedition on the lake and we took our bikes to the trails. Our mission was to ride from end to end...We did! 24 miles total. It was awesome. Hubby admitted it was harder on a mountain bike than a road bike. If it's hard for him, then I know it being hard for me is ok!!!!
YEY..I'm becoming an athlete again.
Reclaiming life...what a concept!
Healthy life is a happy life.

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