Monday, June 27, 2011

The Weekend and a Monday

I did pretty well walking this week. I did pretty crappy staying within my points! But today I'm ok and back on track.

Saturday we took the boat out, so I decided to get up and walk at 6 wasn't pleasant. I prefer dry hot heat over cool humidity! I only did 3.2 miles before I called it quits. Last night I put n 5.5 miles! My husband offered to walk Jack and boy did I let him! It was awesome to go my own route and not stop!

Scale was up a bit..but I never panic too much after a long walk...I will just keep my eye on it the next few days. Today I made the decision to go back to the Points +   program on WW instead of the old way. I read over the material again. I think it's really all the same. I don't eat white flour hardly at all and stay away from bad carbs on either plan. I'm just going to be more vigilant counting points and reading my "full"  factor.

Today I made tuna salad. I used my " NINJA" was more like baby food tuna salad. LOL It didn't chop, it pureed. I figured out how to barley press it and it worked. I put in tuna, cucumber, pickles, onion, and mayo. I had it with cottage cheese and some crackers. Not bad. I had fruit for my snack.

Don't know what dinner will be. I think I will eat after I walk. So it will be cereal probably. Nothing sounds good. Fruit is the only thing that sounds good right now. That or something salty. I've got 9 points to use, so it's not much!

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