Saturday, August 6, 2011


My post from my fitness group. 


1. Journal everything that goes into my mouth! I've been a slacker lately and it makes a difference to do it. 
2. Count points and work to stay within the points. 
3. Walk everyday minimum 4 miles. 

1. Complete my weekly goals!
2. Incorporate my new riding workout schedule.

My overall goal is to loose 30 lbs by next summer. I've got the first 50 off and now I need the next round. I think it is going to be much harder unless I get in a better mind frame. 
My other goal is to keep eating healthy. I've eliminated some bad food out of my life and I want to keep up with it. 

My exercise is walking- I do two miles with my dog and 2-3 at a faster pace. It's habit and I don't plan on stopping- it's my mental medicine. The bike riding is my cardio. Let me tell you I'm out of shape! 

This is me with my new bike. I have a mountain bike that I ride on the city paved trails and mountain bike ( dirt) trails. I can't ride the mountain bike though on long road rides with husband and son- and I really hate being left out! So finally I decided to get one! I tried it out last Thursday- My son, Parker and I rode 26 miles. OMG It was the hardest thing I've ever done. Those hills!!!! The main hill you have to ride up is a bit intimidating. But I was confident I could do it. I couldn't..bout 20 yards from the top I just couldn't make the bike I walked it. I was sweating profusely ( HUMIDITY and HEAT) and I had just killed my thighs...Parker waited for me and when I got to him he asked why I was in the high ( hard) gear.... hahhahahh no wonder....we got all that straightened out (I made it coming back ) and I did OK- I was wearing clip on shoes for the first time, I had eaten cereal - got nauseated- wore a CamelBack- too heavy- so  I learned a few things to do and not to do for the next ride. In September we are signed up to do a 68 mile ride in Corpus Christi along the Texas coast- That is what I'm training for. I love doing something athletic with my son and husband and I've always liked riding bikes so it's a good fit. 

As far as my whining about gaining two lbs. I'm not sure I have gained or not. My scale is all over the place. It varies depending on what I eat--- water retention and heat. We have set records this July for the hottest month on record in TEXAS...oh boy...The morning I rode it was in the upper 90's. It is getting old, but instead of using it as a crutch, I'm trying to work though it!!! 

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