Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, I'm back at school...It's fast and furious. There hasn't been a minute so far the last two days that I wasn't working.

New this year: I'm already bringing my lunch to school. This is usually the week I go out and eat with teacher friends and kind of ease back into it. I knew if I did that though, I'd eat too much. So I brought my lunch and ate it alone in my room working.....(scale finally went down a pound-sheesh) I'm going to be eating a turkey sandwich, carrots, tomatoes, and fruit- I'm also planning on working durning lunch this year so I get more done!!

We didn't have air on Monday morning, so it was kind of a hellish morning, not a great way to start back to school. We were told it was 90 in there and with no air circulating.  They had a pep rally for teachers, but the gym was so hot, it was kind of not fun. LOL I felt sticky and yucky all day and spent all day in a meeting and planning. It was productive though.

I get up at 5:30 so I can have about 30 minutes or so on the computer in the morning....yesterday I had a church meeting in the evening so I walked Jack at 5:30AM. I was tired all day. I learned to keep my walks at night!!! Usually my legs/feet hurt so much I have a hard time sleeping. But oh well....I need my coffee in the morning- not exercise!!

Well here is what I've realized from two very stressful days: I stress over stupid stuff. I'm stressed because I have a list of things I want to get done and very little time. I will get it done. I always do. I just have to stress about it. I want to hurry and get it done and not wait until the last minute. I started my room two weeks early, (thankfully) and there are still things I need to do and can't yet. So I stress.

 Two BIG things have occurred to me. Finally. Two things I can deal with.

First thing I realized was my migraine reared it's head yesterday probably because of stress. My inner panic voice was screaming at me all day about all the stuff I needed to do. I have an inner voice that is constantly talking? Do you?  ( Don't they have drugs to stop that?) In response to this, my head roared back in the form of a migraine. I did take my pill and got involved in my meetings and it went away. So that is one thing I need to work on. Dealing with how I handle stress. The walking has helped, but I need more.
Next things that happened was on Monday and Tuesday on the way home from work I caught myself saying....what can I eat that's fast? Gotta stuff myself---- gotta fill myself......Ta Da !!!!

That's the main reason I over -eat...STRESS....Monday was the worse. I was almost in a panic about dinner...what will I eat, what will I eat???? I just went home and worked it out. Same thing happened yesterday, I found myself saying I need to eat. What should I eat? Eat. Eat. Eat. Honestly I wasn't even hungry. Sigh. So this is progress. I'm going to kick this stupid food problem once and for all.

So today will be better. I will get stuff done. I will be off campus and not worrying about my two rooms to get ready. :)


  1. You are doing/discovering a lot of things that will help you meet your goals! Every pound is a big victory--it really is--in our stressful lives.

    I don't know what you spent on lunches before, but bringing your lunch should save both $ and calories.

    I'm glad there are teachers out there who care as much as you do, but don't make yourself sick over it.

    Have a great first week back-to-school!

  2. I like your plan of eating in the classroom but don't forget that sometimes moving around and talking and laughing with others can help you relieve stress.