Sunday, August 15, 2010


I had a first time experience yesterday......have to share...I hosted the "English dept kick-off school is starting"  party at my house. We have a close knit dept and whenever someone has a party everyone pitches in and brings food, so really for the hostess it's not a big deal. My house is perfect for parties because of the pool and basketball court in the back......sooooooo

I told everyone I would have brisket (HEB FULLY COOKED/SLICED=YUM and I don't like meat that much. lol)  and drinks and then we divided up the appetizers/deserts/etc by levels.... I wanted it to be casual and have some good food....sooooooooo

Husband and son were gone for the day so I got the house ready by myself which was no big deal since I had started Friday and had it mostly done....soooooooooo

I stress a bit having a lot of people over and usually before a party I eat. That way I won't eat so much and look like a pig and I can drink and not get buzzed and be out of it. But I usually get a hamburger and fries - something really good. soooooooooooo

Yesterday I didn't. :)

I had a light breakfast and a light sandwich for lunch and that was it. I actually was able to control what and how much I ate in a stressful situation.  I drank a lot of water. When everyone was ready to eat....I had what I wanted with was 1/2 of what I usually eat and it was amazing...soooooooooo

I think food is my addiction....kicking the overeating habit is not easy, but certainly doable. I was more interesting in talking last night than eating. Usually I hover in the kitchen and sneak lots of bites...then fill my plate. I didn't even think of that last night.....sooooooooooooo

Today I will walk my three miles and ride my 5 miles and back to work full time tomorrow!!!


  1. Sooooooooooooo, good for you! Just as importantly as not over-eating, you got out there and mingled rather than being the background server. Proud of ya!

  2. Congrats on staying in control! That is a HUGE thing and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Yes, it is a credit recovery for HS students that are endangered of becoming dropouts!