Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick Update

My back went out again. Thursday was a lazy day. I laid out in the pool....then went to my bed, got comfy and read. I read on and off until midnight. That must have done my back in!! I still walked my three miles that night...but Friday I could hardly even stand up straight, much less walk. Big bummer. So I got the heating pad and my "strong" meds...and I was able to go to a meeting. Anyway I could ride my bike although that is aggravating my very lower back. I'm such a mess. I will walk tonight. My back doctor warned me there would be days like be prepared. It just seems to come when I'm on my back too much...gotta read some place else.

Good news is I'm down 2.5 lbs this week :) But I haven't walked in two days...might be a correlation. The other even better news is that for the month of July I think I've set a record of only 3 migraines. I think it's a combination of less stress and exercising. It feels nice though and is motivating to keep me moving.

I have to be at school for the next four days getting ready.  Today Parker has a consult to get his wisdom teeth removed which I'll let my husband handle, then Parker is supposed to come to school and be our muscle and move books :) Oh joy.

One of my good friends had a great party and her son took pictures all night. I realized once again I was the fattest one there. So it just fuels my resolve to loose weight and not give up!

That's me behind Patsy Torres!   I can't believe we danced with Patsy. LOL I'm the Fat Chick in BLACK behind her. LOL  We learned the Cumba.

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  1. The Cumba looks like funba. Is it the Cu-cumba, or what?

    It's amazing that you can teach as you are plagued with migraines. If the diet and exercise is helping that problem, definitely stay with it!! 2.5 pounds down is great!

    My son had his wisdom teeth pulled over the Xmas break. No problems at all. None of his were impacted, though.