Friday, August 6, 2010

Hot Summer Nights

Well, this week the nights are getting hotter and I'm still walking. Who would have thought. I took a break from biking. I sat all day Tuesday waiting to be called for a juror, but didn't. The sitting made my lower back...specifically my tail bone HURT. It from riding the bike. And the truth is after walking in this heat, I just don't have the energy. Ask Jack, he gets pooped too.

Lazy Days With Parker 

Eating is going well....Scale dropped on Tuesday, so I counted it....:)  Not much going on here...Lots of personal victories since I've been tempted to many times to be bad and I just don't give in...really no temptation. I only wish the weight would come off faster. I got to bed with a slight bit of hunger. In the past that is when I really lost weight...this time my body is fighting it. But my legs and knees feel good and strong and my shorts are a bit looser, so I'll take it. Not giving up!!! Nope, not for a long time.

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