Sunday, August 29, 2010


I love that we've had a cool front so to speak here in South Texas!! I've noticed that when I get back from walking 1) I'm not drowning in my own sweat and 2) my energy level is up. That heat really takes it from you!! I managed to walk 15 miles this week and bike 10 miles. I think for the first week of school w/ kids that is pretty good!  I've kept within my food....I had french fries from Chili's yesterday. I tried to order a light meal didn't know it came with fries......I ate them. I don't miss fries. They weren't that great....then all I had for dinner was peanut butter. LOL ...a few spoonfuls. I was needing protein what can I say. Bad eating day..oh well. I'm still so within my limits of WW points and the scale hardly budges.....but I'm getting I'm building muscle. My feet are KILLING ME. I'm on my feet all day. I walk a lot too....but I'll get used to it.  I feel down the stairs-misjudged the last step- and landed on my sore knee which swole up....but it doesn't hurt. So besides being achy I'm hanging in there with this. I'm going to try and eat a lot of veggies at night. More veggies. Veggies/ turkey patties......walk walk walk.

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