Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 Me when I get a headache. LOL 

Yeah. I get them and hate them. I've gotten them ever since I was little. I have a diary I kept when I was young. I think I was in the third or fourth grade when I started it. Every other page or so I complain about my head hurting.  In college is when I started getting sick with them.  I always thought they were hangovers...until I got them and I wasn't drinking. LOL 
Now they come on for two weeks and then I have two weeks off. I manage them with meds, but it really makes it difficult to keep focused on eating right and exercising which is why in the past I haven't been able to do it. Sometimes cold sugary DP is the soothing factor I use when I'm at work. 
I get sweaty, hot, and irritated with these headaches.

 They are totally hormone related. Can you imagine trying to be nice to a bunch of noisy, loud 14/15 year olds when your head is in a vice?  LOL Actually that is the easy part. They keep my mind off of my head and usually it will go away. If it's really bad I get irritated and tell them my head hurts. They are kind during those times. And they can see it in my face. Usually they guess before I have to tell them. 

This past  year I made a promise to myself that when I had a headache in the morning- I usually wake up with them, I was going to push through it and think positive thoughts. That helped a lot. I still drank my DP on those days. Funny thing is I never drink DP any other time.
 It just feels good and calms the nausea. 

Some headaches, like last night, come on in the evening and they are relentless. Meds don't help, but typically by then I'm home and can go to bed. It's not uncommon for me to go to bed at 5:30 and wake up at 10 feeling normal. :( HATE THOSE NIGHTS....I think those are from my "period." I don't even know if I get a period since I had a procedure done 5 years ago that ceased my periods. But I'm so regular with ovulating. I spent MANY years trying to get pregnant that I feel I know my cycle by heart! The ones associated with my ovulating last 5 days...
but can be knocked out with meds before they show up again. 

Last night I could feel it coming on....I have several stressful events happening in life right now, so I'm sure that part of these headaches are stress related.....I walked my three miles anyway.....I rode my bike. I noticed if I was riding, I couldn't feel the pounding in my I rode and rode. I only did 6.35 miles, but I did flatter surfaces and it gave me a good workout. It got too dark, so I stopped, plus I wanted to walk today.
 My point is that I pushed through the headache and it wasn't that bad. It helped it some to exercise even. I still had it, but not like the night before when my head was in a vice or so it felt like it. For dinner I had ice cream.....WW of course. But often something cold is the only thing I can stomach...when I got back from riding I had my turkey patties and cauliflower. :) 

I woke up this am with a headache. I'm really stressing today. I have to present to PRINCIPALS from all over the district. OMG. scary.  I'm talking about the Academy program I'm in and so it will be fine. We also have interest in the other house we've been trying to sell for a year...awk.....I'm on edge. Sooooooo --- My doctor tells me that I'll probably have these headaches until I go through menopause. I can only pray they go away then, however my sister, who is 5 years older than I is just starting to get them..but I'm not even sure if she is quite in Menopause. I just don't worry about them ending. I am just trying to live with them and loose weight...which I've also researched will help them go away!!!!! If I can do it this year, I've got those headaches licked! I've always given in to them. (Nothing soothes them better than fatty food-hamburger or a McDonald's sausage biscuit). UGH

This is what I ate on Monday and Tuesday. 
 Turkey sandwich: 
lettuce, tomatoes, light(olive oil) mayonnaise, light cheese, carrots,  
and veggie soup = 7 points.

Turkey patties, corn, cauliflower with some provolone cheese= 7 points.  

Sooo another day.
 I need to eat a late/good breakfast since the presentation is at 12:30....weird time. 


  1. I feel so bad for you. I've always been a headache girl, but never a migraine one. Not sure if you're done with your family, but if you are, could you get a partial hysterectomy or something like that?

    What school do you teach at? I'm at SV. Good luck on presentation. Just imagine them all in their underwear. :)

  2. Presentation went fine...just a bit intimidating. My doc says a hysterectomy doesn't guarantee anything since I'd still be producing hormones. Believe me I've asked her....I am contemplating going to a headache specialist...guess I should have this summer. I just deal with it and don't want to use it as my excuse anymore. I teach at Marshall HS-English. We almost bought at Mystic Shores but couldn't convince our son to leave his HS lol

  3. Um, small world! I'm in San Antonio as well! Not only that, but I graduated from Marshall high school in '95!! Now only that, but my MIL teaches there - and has for close to 40 years.

    Sorry to hear about your headaches. I was plagued with migraines for quite a while and the only relief I got was by taking Topamax. Not sure if you've tried it, but it was the only thing that worked for me. (AND, I dropped 20 lbs. from taking it too. Just a nice little perk. LOL)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!