Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maybe Not

Not sure combining the two blogs was a good idea. Think I'm going to concentrate on this one being the weight loss blog. I have trouble making decisions, no?

Well to recap what has happened so far. I started writing down my food and counting my WW points. I've "done" WW so much I seem to know it by heart, so it's not too bad doing this. I started on June 28th. I also have been trying to keep moving every day. Until I get 20 or so lbs off I don't think I can do much else but walk and ride my bike. I try to walk 3 miles daily and ride my bike 5 miles daily. I took the week of vacation off from writing everything down (HUGE MISTAKE). I'll never do that again. Not only did I gain 1.5 lbs that week, I got out of the habit of exercising. All good lessons learned. Never stop the walking!!! Never stop the journaling!! I'm still so new at this. I think as time goes on I will get better and better and doing better and better.

I did set some long term goals and some short term goals. Long term goals are to try and reach my "goal" weight..aka the weight I was when I got married by time I turn 50. Wouldn't that just be fabulous? To look good when I enter the best years of my life? I think so. I plan to work hard for the next 1.5 years to make it there.

Short term goals is to: 1. Journal  2. Stay with in my points - continue w/ WW  3. Walk 18 miles per week. and 4. Bike 35 miles a week. I will do this for August which will be a busy month...getting back to work and all meetings etc.


  1. Goals are always good! Hang in there and you will see results!

  2. Those are some big goals!! I admire you for setting those. You will get down to whatever weight that you want to be with those activities!