Saturday, September 11, 2010


Ok..last week every morning I got a surprise! I was down by .4 or .6...this week...Well a pound of it showed back up and now I am holding steady. What gives? My migraine medicine make me pee like a banchee...I guess that's it. It was water.
 This week in TX after Tropical Storm Hermine, it has been as humid as it gets. Talk about FLAT HAIR. WATER RETENTION. BLAH. Where the heck is fall-like weather? Oh yah, I'm in South Texas. LOL

So it goes. Going grocery shopping. Gonna fill up on fruit..been craving fruit....that's been my joy lately. Peaches and grapes. Yummy.
Since I've been not eating processed foods I like to get sweetness somehow. I guess my WW ice cream every night has sugar.....not giving that up..nope. After a hot sweaty walk, icecream and water is my savior.

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  1. I didn't know that banchees peed a lot! Something new!

    That darn old water weight is tricky. Stick with the fruit and more water, and you'll do great. Have a nice weekend!