Monday, June 28, 2010

And So, I Begin Again

This time is it. I swear. I'm going to give it my best effort. It being another stab at getting into the weight-loss mode. I've done it before. Now, it's becoming critical. So I plan on using this blog as a means of recording the journey. I know when school starts I'll be so busy, or when I have a headache, I'll feel like crap and will fall off the wagon and not do this. But I'm going to try. I will probably fail. I won't fail this time. I've got to find better coping mechanisms.

 I've been reading as many weight -loss blogs as I can find hoping to find some inspiration. I have. Some amazing people out there have done this. It makes me feel like I can too. I'm not alone in using food as my comforting factor. I've got to work on that along with making some better food choices.

So, my plans are to:
1. Write down my food. I figure I'll keep a notebook and try to get it on the computer. If I don't get it on the computer every day that is OK. I will always journal food in my planner.
2. I will no longer be eating at my computer. I will either eat outside or at the table or bar.
3. Up my water. I'm going to try and drink 64 ounces.
4. Walk every day. It's easy to do with my dog, Jack. I'm going to try for 3 miles daily, but will settle for 1.5 for now.
5. I've been debating whether to do WW and count points or to just listen to my hunger. I think initially I will do WW and see how that goes. I am also going to listen to my hunger level and try to get a better handle on that. I tend to know when I'm full and continue to stuff myself because of some strange feeling that I shouldn't leave it or waste it. Or since I know it's bad...I just do it.
6. Stay ACTIVE. Stay BUSY. One of the main reasons I overeat is out of boredom. I hate trying new things because I get anxious, but I love trying new things. Got to get over the hump and out of my comfort zone which isn't working!!
7. Forgive myself if I have a bad day or a migraine. Sometimes I can't walk, I just have to get in bed and take a break from the world until the headache goes away.
So that's it!!!

Here are my measurements in inches:

Arms: 13.5
Thighs: 29
Calf: 15
Boobs: 48
Waist: 29 ( thinnest part? can't be right.....)
Hip: 44
Currently wearing size 20 clothes
5'7 and 238 lbs.

Before Picture:

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